Valleypoint Campsite: Camping Atop the Mountain

Every time there is an event whether for family gathering or barkada road trip, Baguio remains on the list. The summer capital’s chilly weather and the impressive mountain landscapes are some of the reasons why it’s a tourist magnet.

If you are planning to visit Baguio, there is a place nearby that you might like. And if you love camping, do check out this place!

About Valleypoint Campsite

The campground of Valleypoint is located in the scenic mountains of Tuba, Benguet inside Sto. Tomas Forest Reserve. It was opened to the public in August 2018 and from there on, it has been the talks on social media.

The main attraction of Valleypoint is their glamping tent accommodation. The cozy weather of Benguet is best to experience through outdoor camping and that is Valleypoint Campsite. It gives you an extra-ordinary experience above the mountain while enjoying the scenic view. There are also room accommodations if you feel more comfortable spending your night with your elderly family members.

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Best Things To Do in Valleypoint Campsite

Camping in the Sky

This is the main highlight of Valleypoint to get to experience camping and see the amazing views of the mountain. At late afternoon to nighttime, the sky draws clouds and fogs’ giving you an extra Baguio feels.

Camping is not something new to us since we are into outdoor activities. There were several times we spent overnight on a tent on top of the mountains, but still, it gives us an uncontrollable excitement when Valleypoint invited us to experience their glamping tent.

The roomy glamping tent is waterproof and can accommodate up to 3 persons. The inclusions for a glamping package are:

  • Waterproof, dual layer tent
  • Uratex foam(s)
  • Blanket(s)Pillow(s)
  • Bed SheetFlat Sheet
  • Show Box
  • Unlimited Brewed Coffee
  • Free Breakfast
  • Free Parking
  • Airsoft coupon 150 rounds rifle
  • Access to camper’s chill area, board games, card games, darts, books, restaurant and bar, hot and cold shower and view deck.

Without second thoughts, you should try it yourself. Hotels and resorts in Baguio are too mainstream, try something new and you’ll be surprised how much satisfaction you can get from the experience.

You may also try their newest room with magnificent terrace and overlooking view.

Take a look inside!

Indulge and Get Yourself Unlimited Brewed Coffee

Coffee lovers, this is for you!

Benguet coffee is commonly served coffee in the Cordillera highlands. In Valleypoint, make yourself at home and sip hot brewed coffee whenever you want. The unlimited coffee treats are what coffee lovers would love to experience here while having a good chat with friends and family.

Enjoy Breakfast and Dinner in their Restaurant and Bar

Choices of your favorite silog meals and hot stew like “sinigang “and “nilaga” are available among the menu options.

Nachos, fries and sandwiches are at house and waiting to be served. There are ala carte and group meals so you won’t have any worries to think which meals are suited for your group.

Prices are on average, silog meals for P120 to group meals of P375 for 2-3 persons.

The restaurant and bar is also picturesque. The interior and theme perfectly blends the atmosphere.

Experience the Relaxing Camper’s Area

Giant bean bags and teddy bears with a magnificent overlooking view gives more than enough comfort for all guests. In this camper’s chill area, you’ll get access to board games and card games, play darts and read books for free. Just remember that you need to remove your shoes/sandals and wear socks while on it.

Master your Target Shooting Skills

Valleypoint has exciting activities you can try from archery to target shooting.

A glamping package will give you a free activity of either Archery for 10-minute game or Airsoft with 150 rounds rifle.

Archery is something we’re excited to try and our first time experience. It is an accomplishment whenever you hit the target, though not a bull’s eye, still making it on the circle is an achievement! A trainer will be with you to teach you the right form and how to shoot. We found it fun and exciting and 10 minutes is really fast.

The airsoft, on the other hand, is like something you see in local “peryahan”. You will have to shoot and take down the small figures cascaded on the shooting shelves but more sophisticated and realistic.

Another activity worth trying is their Airsoft Maze Challenge. Wearing the SWAT-like gears like a bulletproof vest, a rifle and other safety gears made it look exciting. We would love to try it when we return!

Kulaaw Art Gallery

Are you a fan of arts and galleries? Valleypoint added the Kulaaw Art Gallery as another attraction. The two-story gallery features the masterpieces of local artists and opens from 9 AM to 10 AM and 4 PM to 5 PM.

Enjoy the Beautiful Sunset Sky

Valleypoint’s location might not have the full access to sunset, the sky still won’t disappoint. Go out and chill outside while waiting for the golden hour. It’s amazing how it turned a blue sky to a colorful palette when the sun goes down.

Embrace the Night

The night is obviously not dark in Valleypoint. It is lively and vibrant like daytime. Make sure to set your eyes around and enjoy the night and dawn.

Wake up early and have a glimpse of the terrace’s view.

Stop by the Scenic Road

Few minutes away from Valleypoint is this stunning view without any obstruction. Make sure to stop by the road and have a quick check.

Rates and Packages

Glamping Package

Solo – Php1,350
2 Pax – Php1,250/head
3 Pax – Php1,000/head
4 Pax – Php850/head

Inclusions for Glamping Package:

  • Waterproof, dual layer tent
  • Uratex foam(s)
  • Blanket(s)
  • Pillow(s)
  • Bed Sheet
  • Flat Sheet
  • Show Box
  • Unlimited Brewed Coffee
  • Free Breakfast
  • Free Parking
  • Airsoft coupon 150 rounds rifle
  • Access to camper’s chill area, board games, card games, darts, books, restaurant and bar, hot and cold shower and view deck.

Backpacker Package

For backpacker guest, the rate is Php750 per head.

The inclusions on this package are:

  • Bed bunk
  • Blanket & Pillow
  • Free Parking
  • Curtain divider
  • Personal lighting & Personal locker
  • Unlimited brewed coffee
  • Free breakfast
  • Airsoft coupon 150 rounds Riffle
  • Access to camper’s area, board games, card games, darts, books, campsite, restaurant and bar, hot and cold shower, view deck.

When availing the backpacker package, rooms provided might be shared with other campers. Make sure to ask the details before booking one. This might be not convenient for someone prefers privacy.

Day Tour Package

If you are planning to visit Valleypoint on a day tour, the rate is Php500 per head. It starts from 8AM to 5:30PM.

Somehow, the inclusions are limited to the following:

  • Unlimited brewed coffee
  • Free breakfast
  • Airsoft coupon150 rounds rifle
  • Free Parking
  • Access to camper’s area, board games, card games, darts, books, campsite, restaurant and bar, hot and cold shower, view deck.

Things To Consider

There are things that you need to consider before planning your trip to Valleypoint Campsite. They have House Rules and Campsite Rules for guests. To avoid any inconvenience, please read the following reminders and tips.

  • The location of Valleypoint is within a forested area; there might be occurrences of insects around the campsite. Bring insect repellent sprays or lotion to protect you from insect bites.
  • It is advisable to bring your toiletries – shampoo/conditioner, soap, toothbrush, tissue, bath towels, etc.
  • Valleypoint allows guests to bring their pets as long as they bring their own pet food and supplies like feeding bowl, leash, poop bags and the likes.
  • Bring flashlights with you for additional lighting at night.
  • Bring powerbank to charge your gadgets and phones to avoid queues in their charging stations.
  • Strictly no outside food. Only chips and mineral water are allowed.
  • Breakfast is served from 8 AM to 10 AM on weekdays and 7 AM to 9 AM on weekends.
  • Credit cards are currently not acceptable.
  • No ATM nearby, bring enough cash with you.
  • No cable TV and wifi within their premises.
  • Serious stains on towels, beddings and damages to camping materials and equipment will have corresponding charges.
  • Curfew at 10 PM on weekdays and 11 PM on weekends/holidays. Inform the front desk/cashier if returning to Valleypoint beyond the specified time to avoid charges.
  • Backpackers and day tour guests are not allowed in the tent area.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed in the tent.
  • Don’t bring the board games and card games outside the camper’s chill area.
  • Smoking (cigarettes or vapes), drinking liquor and illegal drugs are prohibited.
  • Refrain from loud music or obnoxious noise/conversations at night. Be considerate to others.
  • Speakers or phone loudspeakers are not allowed. Use earphones or headphones.
  • Lights off are at 9:30 PM.
  • Avoid loitering when lights are out.
  • Check-in time is 2 PM and check-out time is at 11 AM. All personal items or valuables should be cleared and number tags/keys surrendered before checking out.

How To Get To Valleypoint Campsite

Getting to Valleypoint is easy via private or public transport.

Private Transportation

  1. Google Maps and Waze are the easiest options you can use to guide you with driving. The quickest way is to pass via NLEX/SCTEX and straight to TPLEX exiting Pozorrubio then follow the Rosario-Pugo Road.
  2. A nearby checkpoint is stationed before the campsite, tell the guards that you have a reservation at Valleypoint.

Public Transportation (Manila to Baguio by Bus)

  1. From Manila, ride a bus heading to Baguio and ask the driver/conductor to drop you off at Green Valley by Petron Station as a landmark.
  2. Ride a taxi and tell the driver that you are heading to Santo Tomas checkpoint.
  3. Once in the checkpoint, inform the guards that you have a reservation with Valleypoint campsite to let you pass.

Baguio City to Valleypoint


Ride a taxi and tell the driver that you are heading to Santo Tomas checkpoint.


From Bayanihan, ride a jeep going to Green Valley, Dontogan and Santo Tomas. All of these locations will pass through the checkpoint.

Booking and Reservation

Book your stay in advance by messaging Valleypoint Campsite on their facebook page.

The information needed to proceed would be the following:

  • Name
  • Number of guest/s
  • Contact #
  • Date of arrival
  • Date of departure

You may also contact them at:
Contact number: 0908-109-7663 & 0926-443-1623

Our Valleypoint Experience

We are thankful to Valleypoint Campsite for inviting us to experience their glamping tent, amenities and the activities around the place. It is our pleasure to share with you our experiences for you to plan your trip and book your stay with them.

The overnight stay both on their glamping tent and their room is convenient and relaxing. We had a great time enjoying the spacious room with access to the latest movies on TV media. The beds are clean and the heater is functioning (guess we all need it). What’s best in our room accommodation is the access to the terrace with the stunning overlooking view of the mountains.

The glamping tent is also recommended for you especially if you want to experience sleeping outdoor. The pillows, foam and blankets are really helpful to fight the freezing weather.

The campers’ area and restaurant both have an amazing view and it is nice to spend time here to relax and enjoy the meals and hot brewed coffee. Somehow, the campers’ area became messy after a stay of some guests. It could have been better if there is a staff assigned to keep it organized.

We believe service is of the utmost importance to every guest. Unfortunately, there were a number of cases that saddened us. One, the driver’s license that was requested when we checked in was not returned even after we checked out. Good thing, there were two drivers in our group so we made it back to Manila without a problem. It was later returned via LBC after few days. Lastly, the cashier forgot to return our deposit of Php500 and change to Php100 for an order of rice. These should’ve been managed before the guest leaves. It was transferred to our bank account afterwards. These concerns were raised and proper action was made from Valleypoint. We’re grateful that our contact person(s) are very accommodating and handled the situations professionally.

Overall, the experiences we had with Valleypoint is something we can treasure of especially the opportunity to spend time together with our family.

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