La Palmera Mountain Ridge: Sultan Kudarat’s Majestic Mountain Views

Two years ago when we first saw La Palmera Mountain Ridge’s photo online, we knew the day would come to visit it one day. That day had arrived and its majestic beauty blew us away.

This is your comprehensive travel guide to La Palmera Mountain Ridge in the province of Sultan Kudarat.

Get to Know La Palmera

La Palmera Mountain Ridge is located in Brgy. Sucob, Columbio in Sultan Kudarat, a province in Mindanao.

The name “La Palmera” originated after the extensive palm plantations in the area that creates a livelihood for residents.

The landlocked province of Sultan Kudarat is an ideal place to grow various crops and fruit-bearing trees like corn, rice, papaya, banana, and pineapple and it’s one of the biggest products, the palm.

Palm oil obtained from its fruits is used in making different products such as soap, candles, cosmetics, cooking oil, ingredients in making cake, chocolate, biscuits, and many more.           

La Palmera has two seasons that offer equally beautiful views. The green season is normally during rainy days when you can witness the endless greens of cogon grasses all over the place and the other is its brown season where the grasses turn tanned and dry mostly during summer time.

Where to Stay in La Palmera

La Palmera Mountain Ridge has three stations – 1, 2, and 3. Station 1 is located at the lower part with “Kubo” for those who wanted to stay overnight and where the “AasensoColumbio” sign can be found with ridges on its background. This is also the location where you have access to one of the ridges perfect for taking amazing photos and videos.

Station 2 on the other hand is the middle location among the three with the largest space to accommodate tourists. They also have nipa huts, a small restaurant, a dining area, La Palmera Mountain Ridge sign, and many others.

The last one is Station 3 where we stayed overnight. It has the highest altitude with other attractions like the giant hand, heart-shaped wooden frame for picture taking, and beautiful flowers and plants all over the place. They also have a couple of nipa huts for guests who wish to stay overnight for Php1,500. You may bring your food or order it in advance from the owner. You may reach the owner at 09350879947. She is popularly known as Kapitana.

What to Do in La Palmera

Enjoy the Scenic Landscape

La Palmera Mountain Ridge is one of the most beautiful mountain views we’ve seen. It is comparable to that of Paminahawa Ridge in Impasug-ong, Bukidnon. Here you have a 360-degree view of the ridges, nearby town, and vast green land that is perfect for relaxing and disconnecting from the city life.

Stargazing at Night

The location of La Palmera is at a high altitude keeping you closer to the sky ideal for stargazing at night and if you are lucky, witnessing the milky way like this one! This is made possible for areas with a clear night sky and less pollution.


For hikers and backpackers, La Palmera is a good place to camp. You may bring your tent, and camping gears and have a relaxing stay in your preferred station. Make sure to coordinate your visit with the owner/caretaker.

Photography and Videography

Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional photographer/videographer, La Palmera is picture-perfect and will catch your eyes with its stunning mountain views.

Motorcycle Riding 

While the habal-habal ride is the main mode of transportation to get to La Palmera, other tourists love to explore using their motorcycles. If you love to experience this kind of thrill, make sure to join a group of fellow riders and be accompanied by at least one local habal-habal driver to guide you on the trail.

How to Get to La Palmera

General Santos to La Palmera

The nearest airport is General Santos International Airport or GES situated in General Santos City in South Cotabato. From General Santos (GenSan), ride a bus going to Tacurong. From Tacurong, you may ride a tricycle to take you to the bus/van stop going to Datu Paglas. Lastly, from Datu Paglas, hail a habal-habal or motorcycle rider to take you to La Palmera.

Cotabato City to La Palmera

Tourists who took a flight to Awang Airport or Cotabato Airport may ride a van or bus going to Tacurong. Travel time is around 2 hours and a fare of Php300 (van) per head as of August 2022. From Tacurong, ride a tricycle (Php15 per head) going to the bus/van stop.

Van going to Datu Paglas may take an hour or less for Php70 per head. Finally, from Datu Paglas, you may hail a habal-habal driver to take you to La Palmera. The ride will cross along highways and unpaved roads. Expect to have a bumpy ride uphill to La Palmera.

You may reach Kuya Jeff Abid, our habal-habal driver at 09353518156 or thru his Facebook at Jeff Abid. Travel time is 45 minutes to an hour and the tour guide/habal-habal guide fee is Php950 per head.

Kuya Alick, me and Kuya Jeff

Other Places to Visit Near La Palmera Mountain Ridge

  • Pangadilan Falls & Rock Formations – you may include this in your itinerary for La Palmera.
  • Fetam Klego – an underground river in Brgy. Sinapulan with waterfalls and scenic views
  • Capitol Sultan Kudarat
  • Tabong Falls
  • Bansiung Falls
  • Bansada Agri-Eco Adventure Park

Things You Need to Know

  • Bring your vaccination card and at least 1 valid ID.
  • Wear a facemask, especially in public areas and public vehicles.
  • Bring enough cash with you.
  • Waterproof your bag especially your gadgets, money, and important stuff.
  • Bring and apply skin protection.
  • There is a network signal in La Palmera but there are certain areas where the signal is weak.
  • Respect the locals and their culture.
  • Help preserve La Palmera by maintaining its cleanliness.
  • Do not pick flowers or damage the plants and trees.
  • Avoid littering and always practice the “Leave No Trace” principle wherever you go.
  • Enjoy and keep safe!
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