Mt. Tagapo, Talim Island, Binangonan, Rizal

A Windows XP wallpaper-like mountain.

Mt. Tagapo is a close resemblance of Windows XP’s default wallpaper. The trail to the summit is covered by wide-stretched of greens full of cogon grass.

Check out this short clip!

Along the trail, there is a noticeable presence of bamboo trees. These are source of woods for making furnitures and boats’ outrigger or “katig” by the locals. The trek will take you 1.5 – 2 hours (depends on your pace) to reach the peak. An easy and recommended hike for beginners.

The peak of Mt. Tagapo is a magnificent view of the Laguna Lake and neighboring coastal towns, the horizons of the business district of Makati and Ortigas and a nearby mountain of Mt. Sembrano.


Talim Island, Laguna de Bay
Major jump-off: Brgy. Janosa (Talim Island)
Binangonan, Rizal
Specifications: Minor climb, Difficulty 2/9, Trail class 1-2


How To Get There

Public Transportation

  • Ride a jeep or van from EDSA Crossing to Binangonan Port (you can find the terminals in front of Starmall and beside World Corporate Center
  • Pump boat or ferry from Binangonan Port to Brgy. Janosa. Earliest departure is 6am and latest would be 5pm from Brgy. Janosa (travel time: 1 – 1.5)

Reminder: There is an hourly trip in the port but we recommend that you take the earliest ride to start the trek to avoid too much sun exposure especially during summer. The pump boat and ferry are public transportation, expect to experience delays for stopovers in different barangays. You may rent a pump boat for a one-way trip for P1,500.


  • Logbook and registration area is located in Mt. Tagapo Base Camp
  • The facilitator will assign your respective tour guide(s) depending on their queue number
  • If you have a pre-arranged tour guide, inform the facilitator in advanced.

You can look for Tatay Carlito Villones, our tour guide. We highly recommend him because is very kind and he can help you find place to eat and check on the boat schedules. You may also connect with the brgy. Captain Henry Arambulo for other inquiries on his number 09435440524.

Tatay Carlito Villones, our tour guide

Sample Itinerary

0400 Meet-up at EDSA crossing terminal: ride jeep heading to Binangonan Port
0600 ETA Binangonan Port. Ride the passenger ferry/pumpboat to Brgy. Janosa
0730-0800 ETA Brgy. Janosa and Mt. Tagapo base camp: Register and arrange guide, preparation
0800-0930 Trek
0930-1030 ETA summit, rest, snacks, picture-taking
1030 Start descent
1030-1130 ETA Mt. Tagapo base camp
1130-1230 Rest, Lunch
1230 ETD Brgy. Janosa
1400 ETA Binangonan Port
1600 ETA EDSA Crossing

Sample Expenses

Jeep from EDSA crossing to Binangonan Port – P50 x 2 = P100
Ferry – P30 x 2 = 60
Guide Fee – P400 per 7 person
Lunch – P100

P340 for 5 pax
P460 for 2 pax

Things to Consider:

  1. Tagapo is an easy trail but we recommend that you are in good health condition before the hike. The summit is an open area and will be too exposed to sun.
  2. Always wear and apply sun protection.
  3. Bring extra clothes and rain protection/covers.
  4. Be careful and watch everyone’s back at all times.
  5. Always practice the LNT principles

Additional Note: Overnight is allowed in Mt Tagapo for P800 per 7 person. The tent area is just near the summit under the nipa hut (resting area).

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