The Apiary Mountain Camp and Farm: A Cozy Campsite Destination in Tanay, Rizal

Wear your jacket and experience the cooler weather of the Amihan season on this mountain campsite and farm in Tanay, Rizal.

Check out this travel guide and learn what The Apiary Mountain Camp and Farm has in store for you!

About Apiary Mountain Camp and Farm

Apiary is a glamping spot, a campsite, a farm, and a restaurant in one place. It is in Sitio Maysawa in Brgy. Cuyambay, Tanay, Rizal where the famous sea of clouds can be seen at a distance.

The Apiary’s location is ideal for people looking for an amazing view of the mountains, a quiet and relaxing ambiance, and savor some of their organically grown fruits and vegetables at their restaurant.


Regular Rates & Other Fees

Day Tour (7AM to 5PM)

•          Php100 for 11 years old & up

•          Php80 for 6 – 10 years old

•          Free for below 6 years old

Overnight (3PM to 1PM)

•          Php150 6 years old and up

•          Php100 below 6 years old

Cottage Day Rental

•          Pond: Php200 good for 6 persons

•          Pond: Php400 good for 12 persons

•          Garden Kubo: Php400

Tent Rental

The tent packages are inclusive of an entrance fee, complete with bedding and breakfast.

•          Regular Tent: Php1,550 for 2 persons and Php2,250 for 3 persons

•          Small Family Tent: Php3,200 good for 4 persons

•          Big Family Tent: Php3,400 – Php4,600 from 4 to 6 persons

Dome Tent Packages

The package includes a farm entrance fee, bedding and breakfast, private toilet and bath, towels, and toiletries.

Small Dome – The price starts at Php5,500 to Php6,000 for 2 persons to 4 persons
Big Dome – Php8,500 good for 6 persons and a maximum of 8 persons

Dome Glamping

At the Apiary, you can choose to stay in one of their ten geodesic domes. Each dome is well located along a slope having a dedicated spot for different types of guests. Some are more accessible on a conveniently flat surface recommended for guests with seniors, kids, and PWDs, while the other dome is situated higher for those who want to have an overlooking view.


What is more appealing with each dome is they keep privacy so each guest can enjoy their leisure time without worrying about other people watching them. And of course, they are all surrounded by beautiful plants and trees making you closer to nature.

Wander Around the Farm and Flower Garden

Plantitos and plantitas have a lot of sightseeing to do with Apiary’s extensive farm and flower garden. They have various organic crops like lemon, calamansi, bottle gourd, papaya, lettuce, eggplant, and many others which you can personally harvest and purchase from their farm.

Witness the Sunrise and Sea of Clouds at the View Deck

The best spot to witness the beautiful sunrise and sea of clouds is at their view deck located in the upper portion of the campsite. 

Enjoy the Farm-to-Table Meals

As most of the ingredients are available on the farm, guests will enjoy the organic vegetables and fruits at Apiary’s restaurant among other meals that will satisfy your hungry tummies. Try their Sinigang na Baboy sa Katmon, Three Cheese Pizza, Apiary’s Honey Soy Pandan Chicken, and refreshing drinks like fresh lemonade and calamansi juice.

Go Fishing

At their small pond, guests may try fishing and catch fish like tilapia. The staff will assist and teach you how to properly catch fish and return the small ones when accidentally caught. 

Test your Accuracy with Outdoor Archery

One of the exciting activities in Apiary is their outdoor archery. Guest will be thrilled to test their accuracy using the standard archery bow and arrow. A tutorial will be conducted by the assisting staff with a brief orientation for safety and precautions while doing the activity.

Mud Slide, Monkey Bar, Trampoline, and More

If you love physical activities that will test your mobility and fitness, try their monkey bar, trampoline, short obstacle courses, and mudslide.

Hiking and ATV Ride

Apiary also offers a hiking tour and ATV ride for more adventurous guests. Make sure to coordinate in advance to schedule the tour.

Enjoy and Have a Relaxing Stay

Lastly, you can just enjoy the scenic mountain views, roam around the area, and have a relaxing stay whether you are at the dome or your preferred tent.

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