Tara sa Gulod: Camping Over the Sea of Clouds

Hiking and camping in the rainy season in the Philippines can be tough. The trails get muddy and slippery, and the rain and mist can make it hard to see. But going outdoors during this season can also be a unique experience.

I got to visit Tara sa Gulod, a camping destination in Tanay, Rizal, and witnessed the beautiful landscape in the area. Read on for more details and think about making it your next mountain adventure!

Information About Tara sa Gulod

Tara sa Gulod is a campsite located in Sitio Ibucao, Brgy. Laiban in Tanay, Rizal. It offers a stunning view of the Sierra Madre mountain range and is a great spot to see the sunrise and sea of clouds. The place has Kubo Rooms and Mountain Houses for lodging, as well as open cottages, and camping areas. You can also find a mini sari-sari store nearby for basic supplies. They cook Silog meals if you don’t bring your own food and no extra charges for cooking and bringing food to the campsite.

Here are the prices at Tara sa Gulod:

  • Entrance Fee:
    • Php120 per person for the Day Tour (from 5AM to 6PM)
    • Php250 per person for Overnight (from 2PM to 12NN)
    • Free for children 6 years old and below
  • Tent Pitching Fee: Php100
  • Tent Rental: Php700 for 1-3 people
  • Cottage: Php300 for Day Tour, Php500 for Overnight
  • Teepee Room: Php2,000 for 2 people
  • Haven Room: Php3,500 for 4 people (can accommodate up to 6)
  • Majestic Mountain House: Php5,500 for 10-15 people
  • Gulod Transient House: Php5,500 for 10-20 people
  • Multicab Habal: Php150 one way
  • PreNup Photoshoot: Php500 per person for 4 hours
  • Campsite parking is free.

How to Get to Tara sa Gulod

Traveling to Tara sa Gulod is challenging when using public transportation but possible. The easiest and quickest way to reach this place is by using your own car or motorcycle for convenience and time-saving.

By Private Car

Pin Martessem Mountain Resort in Waze then take the nearest alley. Continue driving following the road then turn left where you need to pass through a rough road. Go straight until you see Nature Venture, Kampo Liwaliw and after Marcis Point, continue following the paved road. A sari-sari store is, and a paid parking area is your nearest landmark. Note that only 4x4s and motorcycles can drive straight to the campsite due to the challenging trail, especially during the rainy season.

From the parking area, you may trek to Tara sa Gulod which normally takes 30 minutes on average.

By Public Transport from Cubao

• Ride a van or jeep bound to Cogeo Gate 2 and drop off at Cogeo Jollibee near the overpass. The fare is around Php40.
• Walk to Public Market and look for the jeepney terminal near the 7/11 convenience store.
• Ride a jeep going to Sampaloc, Tanay, and drop off at Sitio Mayagay 1 or Martessem. The Jeepney schedule is from 6AM to 5PM with 30-minute intervals. The fare is around Php60.
• From Sitio Mayagay or Martessem you may ride a tricycle or habal-habal to take you to the parking lot where you will start the trekking. The fare is Php100 one way.

By Public Transport from Crossing Shaw Boulevard

• Ride a van or jeep going to Tanay Public Market
• From Tanay Public Market, ride another jeep going to Sampaloc, Tanay.
• From Sampaloc, you may hire a tricycle to take you to Martessem or ride a jeepney going to Cogeo and just drop off at Martessem/Sitio Mayagay.
• From Sitio Mayagay or Martessem you may ride a tricycle or habal-habal to take you to the parking lot where you will start the trekking. The fare is Php100 one way.

The Trekking Experience

The trail is considered a minor trek since it is already established but it can be challenging during rainy days as it can get murky and slippery. Given fair weather you will reach the campsite in under 30 minutes.

Along the trail, there are some houses and another establishment under construction which I presumed, be another campsite in the future. This is based on my visit in September 2023.

The end of the road is where Tara sa Gulod is, so you won’t get lost. Make sure you stay hydrated and apply/wear sun protection during the trek.


Upon arrival, guests are required to register their names, addresses, and contact numbers. The registration area is the sari-sari store where you can order silog meals and other basic food.

The Campsite

As a solo traveler, I brought my tent to have an overnight stay. For the Php100 pitching fee and Php250 overnight fee, I got to relax, enjoy the calmness of the surrounding mountain, and experience a one-of-a-kind morning view within the heart of the sea of clouds of Sierra Madre.

The camping ground is wide and can accommodate a huge number of campers. I decided to pitch my tent with the nearest access to the viewing deck, an overlooking view, and a cottage.

For other guests that prefer other accommodations, you can check their Teepee Room, Haven Room, and the bigger space of the Majestic Mountain House and Transient House. Check the rates above this article under the About Tara sa Gulod section.

Camping Food

As a camper, I settled with quick-to-cook food like canned goods, noodles, coffee, and some fruits. I had them for dinner and ordered silog meal at the canteen where the sari-sari store and registration are located.

Sunset and Sunrise

A Soloist person would be happy to stay in Tara sa Gulod as it has access to sunset and sunrise. With the clear sky and fair weather, the panoramic view would be a treat.

The Sea of Clouds

Catch the unbelievable sceneries of the Sierra Madre as it slowly envelopes the extensive sea of clouds at daybreak. It normally occurs from 5AM and may last until 8AM. While it is not guaranteed, having the opportunity to witness it up close is surreal. I thought at first, I was just seeing heavy fog but slowly I realized I was within the sea of clouds. It gets clearer when the sunrise lights up the surrounding view.

Viewdeck and Picturesque Spots

The view deck with the shape of a guitar at the edge of the campsite has one of the most scenic spots, especially during the time of the sea of clouds. For overnight guests, we got first-hand experience before the day tour flocks in the campsite. There are other picturesque spots you can visit just make sure to arrive first thing in the morning for a better experience.

Things You Need to Know

  • Network signal in the campsite is available
  • Bring extra clothes with you
  • Apply sunscreen protection
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Do not pick flowers or damage plants in the area
  • Bring a jacket/sweater, especially for an overnight stay
  • Bring cash with you
  • Do not litter and always practice the “Leave No Trace” principle wherever you go
  • Respect the locals and guests/travelers alike
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