Rest-T-House: The Newest Glamping Destination in Cavinti, Laguna

This tiny house with a mountain-lake view is the newest glamping spot in Cavinti, Laguna!

We are pleased to share with you our recent stay in Rest-T-House. Read this travel guide so you can book yours soon!


Similar to the BLOC Camp Site, one of the pioneers that introduced glamping in the Philippines and the very first glamping site in Laguna, Rest-T-Houses are exceptional glamping accommodations. It is located within the BLOC Camp Site on top of the Sierra Madre mountains.

There are 10 different accommodation units at the Rest-T-House from which you can book via Airbnb. The booking price is on a per pax basis. Click through the link below and find out which one suits your taste. We stayed at Rest-T-House Unit-501 located in the front with a nice view of the lake and near the fire pit and outdoor dining areas. Unit 501 and 502 do not have an upper level or second floor but can be beneficial, especially for guests with elderly and infants.

Rest-T-House Unit-101

Rest-T-House Unit-102

Rest-T-House Unit-201

Rest-T-House Unit-202

Rest-T-House Unit-301

Rest-T-House Unit-302

Rest-T-House Unit-401

Rest-T-House Unit-402

Rest-T-House Unit-501

Rest-T-House Unit-502

Capacity, Size, and Other Features

Each Rest-T-House unit can accommodate four guests from 1 – 2 adults plus extra 1 to 2 small kids. You may select depending on the availability of Level 1 (ground floor) or Level 2 (second floor) units. Each has a similar design and architecture and shares the same view of the lake and the mountain. There is also Level 0, an extra level underneath most of the units except for units 501 and 502. It serves as a space for a small vegetable garden and or built-in cages for small farm animals.

Every unit is provided with a dual-purpose foldable sofa bed – a sofa during the daytime and a bed at night. It has a mini pool where guests can enjoy swimming while looking at the amazing view of the lake and mountain and a small set of outdoor dining tables and chairs for al fresco dining.

The Rest-T-House is tiny and suitable for guests with a maximum height of 5’8. For taller guests, it is advisable to find a more convenient sleeping position or opt to book their bigger T-House accommodations like the Cube-T-House and Truck-T-House which are all located in Camp-T-House or Farm-T-House.

Inside the Rest-T-House

This tiny house is complete with basic functionalities you are looking for accommodation. It has a straight kitchen counter, toilet and bath en suite, front and rear wooden deck, and sofa beds with pillows.

The theme is black and wood with a mainly solid metal exterior and has the shape of container houses. Another good feature of the Rest-T-House is its rainwater catchment cistern which serves as a mini pool. Going to the front wooden deck where the outdoor table and chairs are, is the glass sliding doors perfectly designed to catch that beautiful sunset and sunrise skies even when you are inside the unit. Imagine waking up with a beautiful lake sunrise view? Perfect!

Things You Need to Know

Rest-T-House units are available thru Airbnb and guests are expected to follow the House Rules. Here are some of the reminders inside and outside your glamping accommodation to have a worry-free stay.

Guest Etiquette

  1. Footwear like shoes, sandals, and slippers are not allowed inside the unit. You may place them outside at the front or rear deck or have them placed inside its box.
  2. Eating and drinking except water are strictly not allowed inside the unit.
  3. Smoking is only allowed outside the unit.
  4. For guests with their furry pets, the staff may remove the carpet for sanitation purposes. Pets are allowed for a separate fee. You may also bring your crib and be responsible for their dirt.
  5. Umbrella is given to each unit. Guests can use this anytime and return after use or before checking out.
  6. Put your garbages and dirt in the given trash can. You may request a broom or dustpan when not available in the unit.
  7. Use campsite properties found in the unit with utmost care.
  8. Plug devices with low wattage only.
  9. The furniture inside the unit is not allowed to use outside and the same thing applies to outdoor furniture, do not take them inside.
  10. Barbecue grilling is only allowed outside the unit. Bring your charcoal.
  11. Do not enter or roam around other units to keep privacy and respect.

Common Areas and Shared Facilities

The Rest-T-House units have access to their leisure and entertainment amenities like BLOC Bistro Bar. This is where you can order and drink beers and other alcoholic beverages. The music band is also present at a given schedule, but in case not, go use the videoke!

Other games like dart and billiards are available so you can enjoy the night with live music while playing.

Rest-T-House has free access to the BLOC Camp Site area. This is where the original glamping site is located and nearest to the lake. Other worth visiting are the Farm-T-House, Nest-T-House, and Camp-T-House. We visited Farm-T-House after we checked out. It is under 30 minutes drive from BLOC Camp Site/Rest-T-House.


The Farm T-House has its accommodation, a restaurant, kitchen, and farm tour which is the highlight of our visit. Here together with the tour guide, they will educate the quests on the correct way of milking the cow, how they are being fed, mating, and many more. Other farm animals are goats, chickens, and rabbits. You can also buy their fresh milk, flavored milk, and kesong puti. We love Chocolate Milk the most!

The prices are as follows:

Fresh Milk

Pasteurized pure cows’ milk

300 ml – Php40
500 ml – Php65
1 L – Php110

Flavored Milk

Pasteurized pure cows’ milk blended with Chocolate, Milk Tea Okinawa and Strawberry

300 ml – Php50
500 ml – Php80
1 L – Php130

Premium Milk

Pasteurized pure cows’ milk blended with French Vanilla, Greek Frappé Coffee, and Matcha Milk.

300 ml – Php55
500 ml – Php90
1 L – Php150

Cheese (Kesong Puti)

Soft and unaged white cheese made from pasteurized pure cows’ milk

150g – Php110

Overnight Stay Schedule

The standard check-in time in Rest-T-House units is at 3 PM. This gives the staff ample time to clean, change the used linens and sanitize the unit for incoming guests and allow the unit to cool down after a long day exposed to the sun.

The standard check-out time is at 11 AM the following day. Guests are expected to leave the unit on time to avoid penalties.

Events and Gatherings

Special occasions and events are allowed in Rest-T-House like pre-nuptial shoots, anniversary and birthday parties, and even as a wedding venue.

The guests are expected to pay for the entrances of the Pre-Nup Team as well as the rent for the needed amenities and facilities. Food and drink catering services can be organized at the BLOC Bistro Bar. Make sure to coordinate and book your reservation in advance for a hassle-free event.

Things to Do in Rest-T-House

Glamping and nature tripping are now the popular activities you can do and at Rest-T-House you can enjoy just that!

Immerse with Nature

Rest-T-House is located at the top of the Sierra Madre mountain and near the lake. With this kind of location, you will be amazed by the calm and peaceful ambiance of Mother Nature. Birds chirping in the morning and the cool mountain breeze around the trees and water.

Sunrise and Sunset Watching

Sunrise and sunset skies are always the best. Make sure to go outside or look over the front deck to witness the golden hour and sunrise view.

Bird Watching

Eagle, crow, and many species of birds can be found around the area flying over the lake or perched on the tree branches. If you are a bird lover, you will be thrilled with this activity.

Boat Riding

Boat riding and kayaking are also good activities in this place as you roam around the lake enjoying the beautiful views.


While walking is a normal routine, here around the Rest-T-House units, it is more than just a walk. You will be walking on the grassland and scenic view. Roam around freely and greet other guests or play with your pet. Whatever you like, you are in for this treat!


Every night, there is a scheduled bonfire session in the designated fire pit area for guests to enjoy. Bring in your s’mores and snacks and enjoy chitchatting with your friends and families.

Games and Music

The BLOC Bistro Bar is your place for gaming and music. After dinner, go check out the bar and enjoy the place with other guests playing dart, billiard, or singing a couple of songs in the videoke.

Eat and Relax

Of course, we all wanted to disconnect from our weeklong work and busy days at home. You can relax and bring your favorite food with no corkage fee at the Rest-T-House and treat yourself to good rest and peace.

How to Get to Rest-T-House

Rest-T-House is located near the BLOC Camp Site at Brgy. Bukal in Cavinti, Laguna.

Use Waze or Google Map and search BLOC Camp Site. Depending on your point of origin, you may choose the two routes:

  1. Via Manila East Rd in Pililla, Rizal passing through Calamba – Sta. Cruz – Famy then Pangil to Lumban and Caliraya, Cavinti.
  2. Via Manila East Rd in Pililla, Rizal passing through Calamba – Sta. Cruz – Famy then Lumban to Pagsanjan, Cavinti, Laguna.

This route will pass through a long zigzag road so better be ready and be extra careful in your driving.

The nearest known landmarks are the Japanese Garden and Caliraya Dam. Signages can be found when you get near to BLOC Camp Site. Lastly, instead of entering the narrow street going to BLOC Camp Site, go straight to the uphill road just a hundred meters away and from the left, you will see the parking space for Rest-T-House.

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