Padre Burgos, Quezon: Home of the Islands of Borawan, Dampalitan and Puting Buhangin

Quezon province is home of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines. The town of Padre Burgos in Pagbilao, Quezon is one that offers beach adventure for less than 5-hours from the city of Manila.

Take your pick from Borawan Island, Dampalitan Island and Puting Buhangin where you can stay for a day or overnight. If If you are planning for a quick weekend getaway, this one is for you.

Borawan Island

The most popular among the three islands in Padre Burgos is Borawan Island. The place is blessed with beautiful rock formations, azure water and white sand. There are cottages and tents which can be rented by the visitors. Shower rooms and restrooms are available free of charge. There are also hotel rooms and restaurants located in Station 3 for a more comfortable accommodation.

To protect swimmers from jellyfishes, there are portions of the beach that have fences.

Dampalitan Island

If you want to avoid too much crowd, Dampalitan Island is recommended. There are also available cottages and tents for rent. The water is a combination of green and navy blue but not that clear as compared to Borawan. Some parts of the island has a rocky shoreline with mangroves that gives a different charm.

You may want to wait and witness the sunset in Dampalitan as the location is perfect for a sun down view.

Puting Buhangin and Kwebang Lampas

The island boasts of its white sand beach and the nearest access to Kwebang Lampas. Like Borawan and Dampalitan, Puting Buhangin also has cottages and tent spaces. Cliff diving in Kwebang Lampas is prohibited.


Your visit in Padre Burgos will not be completed without a glimpse of the sandbar.

Wake up as early as 5am and get the boat ride started to experience the sandbar. Travel time is more or less an hour which gives you the opportunity to watch the sun rise while on the sandbar or in the middle of the boat ride.

There are starfishes almost everywhere and the sandbar is vast which can accommodate a number of boats and tourists.

Things to Know

Boat Rental Fees (Good for 10 Pax)

Borawan Island – Php800

Borawan Island + Dampalitan Island – Php1,200

Borawan Island + Dampalitan Island + Kwebang Lampas – Php 1,800

Borawan Island + Dampalitan Island + Kwebang Lampas + Sandbar – Php2,500

Island Fees (Entrance, Cottage and Tent)

Borawan Island

Entrance Fee

Php 150 day tour

Php 220 overnight


Php 850 day

Php 1,250 overnight


Rent – Php 500

Pitching of own tent – Php 200 – Php 250

Dampalitan Island

Entrance Fee

Php 80 day tour

Php 100 overnight


Php 850 (6 person)

Php 1,500 (10 person and up)

Tent Space – Php 200

Kwebang Lampas

Entrance Fee

Php 80 day tour

Php 160 overnight


Php 350 day

Php 700 overnight

Tent Space – Php 200

How to Get There:

Public Transportation

  • Take a bus going to Lucena Grand Terminal (LGT)
  • From LGT, ride a bus bound to Unisan and tell the driver to drop you off at Brgy. Marao in Padre Burgos

Private Transportation

Option A

  • From Manila going to SLEX, exit at Sto. Tomas then follow the Pan-Philippine Hi-way
  • Driving should passes through San Pablo, Tiaong, Candelaria and Sariaya cities until you reach Lucena
  • Continue driving the Pan-Phil hi-way until you passed thru Pagbilao. (sign boards will direct you to the right going to Padre Burgos). Landmark is Bundok Peninsula.
  • The road will lead you directly to Brgy. Marao where you can opt to get the boat rental. There are various resorts and tarpaulins that offers the boat tour.

Option B

  • If you are familiar with Tanay road, driving should be faster. From Tanay, continue driving to Pagsanjan, Laguna then hit the Pagsanjan-Cavinti road passing to Louisianna then straight to Lucban-Tayabas diversion road.
  • Take Pagbilao-Tayabas road for shorter travel time
  • From Pagbilao, sign boards going to the right will lead you to Padre Burgos. Check for Bundok Peninsula as a landmark.
  • Continue driving until you reach Brgy. Marao


Boat Rental Tour

Look for Ate Tess (May Ann Store): 0921-454-3137

Hotel Rooms & Restaurant in Borawan

Cherry – 09223007395/09158912122

Suzette – 09333940148/09063050817

Allan – 09204133127/09228993255


  • Plan your visit during weekdays to avoid the crowd especially during summer.
  • Bring your food and water. Prices of food might be costly in the islands.
  • Schedule your visit ahead of time and secure a resort or contact person for your stay and boat tour. They can cook for you depending on the agreed service charge.
  • Take a shower in Borawan as it offers free access to shower rooms and water usage.
  • Bring extra batteries for your gadgets or powerbanks. Electricity is limited and charges may apply for usage.


The islands of Borawan, Dampalitan and Puting Buhangin are well known by many for their unique appeal. The location is accessible for city-dwellers which make it a good option for a short vacation stay and adventure. The budget is also affordable and can be cheaper if traveling with a bigger group. The uncontrollable surge in tourists caused vandalism inside Kwebang Lampas and on other rock formations. Trash can be seen floating in the water which may affect sea creatures and corals. The local government and resort owners may work together to control these and prevent further damage in the islands. But in general, the beauty and experiences in Padre Burgos was exciting and unforgettable.

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