Life Vest No More in Just a Day!

Can’t snorkel without wearing a life vest? That was us before, but not anymore. And did you know that you will float vertically in salt water without doing anything? Yes, you heard that right. We just learned that recently when we had our first Skin Diving Lesson. An experience that we should have done a long time ago.

During our actual diving lesson.

What is Skin Diving?

Skin diving is swimming underwater without a diving suit. It is a kind of snorkeling while you make breath-hold dives to observe aquatic life, up close and personal ( There are many diving sites in the country that can offer you a good training ground for your diving adventure.

We had our snorkeling and skin diving lesson under Skin Dive PH that was held on Bauan, Batangas. Below is a sample inclusion of the event:

2D1N resort entrance fee

Boat transfers (roundtrip)

Tent with mattress for twin sharing

5 meals: 2-BF, 2-Lunch and 1-Dinner

Mask, snorkel and vest rentals

Photos/videos to document the snorkeling/skin diving lesson


Skin Dive PH’s coach, Mr. Richard Ayroso, is an AIDA 2 certified. This certification is obtained by taking a 2-day AIDA 2 course set by AIDA International, an organization of freedivers who came together to bring an international standard for safe and fun freediving. The lesson covers basic orientation and lecture which includes the proper diving attire, familiarization with gears, trouble shooting, proper floating, proper breathing and finning, equalization and duck diving.

For upcoming events, contact them thru the following:

Skin Dive PH facebook group

Skin Dive PH facebook page

Contact Person: Ms. Beverlyn Talan

Contact Number: 0915-3140770

There are other groups and pages that raise awareness in diving.  You may check the following:

Seazoned Philippines

Freediving Philippines

Freediving Buddies Philippines

More Photos:

School of jacks (talakitok)

Perfect sunset view.
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