Goshen Resort: Bringing the Beauty of Rome in Bamban, Tarlac

Some travels need not to be planned. And sometimes, the best thing comes in the most unexpected experience.

We Wander PH surprisingly discovered a fascinating and tranquil place hidden in the town of Bamban, Tarlac. We were thrilled to witness an incredibly beautiful setting and admired such artistry. We know you’ll love the place too! Welcome to Goshen Resort, where it feels like Rome!

You don’t need a visa or passport to go to your dream Rome, Italy destination and see the infamous Colosseum or Coliseum also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre. In less than a 3-hour drive, experience an extra-different summer with your loved ones and friends.

Dambana ni Yahweh

The “Dambana ni Yahweh” is the main attraction in Goshen Resort and Hotel for its appealing look resembling the Amphitheatrum Flavium building in Rome, Italy. The structure will definitely attract visitors and will give everyone a perfect backdrop for family and barkada pictures. The place is lovely and romantic. This is the reason why Goshen Resort is a favorite set for prenuptial filming and photography.

“Dambana ni Yahweh”

Check out our aerial video!

The Pools

Goshen Resort and Hotel offers three swimming pools which can be enjoyed by the whole family. One swimming pool has a depth perfect for kids and the two other are averaging from 3 ft. to 6 ft. The water is clear blue from a deep-well with relatively low chlorine content compared to other resorts. This best explains why the water is almost natural and will not dry your hair even in long hours of swimming.


The swimming area is designed to mimic Greek-inspired architecture. With the columns, white theme and furniture you’ll definitely feel like bathing in Europe!

There are replicas of “Moai”, monolithic human head figures (found on Easter Island in eastern Polynesia) displayed in the gardens.


Cottages and Gazebo

Keep your stuff and food dry under their cottages. There are a number of units available for small and big groups. They also have chairs and tables available for rent.  Pricing is as follows:

Tables and Chairs – P500

Small Cottage – P1,000

Medium to Large Cottages – P1,500 – P2,000

Big Gazebo – P5,000

Note: Prices are subject to change without prior notice.



The rooms at Goshen Resort and Hotel are spacious with diverse designs and charm which will satisfy every guest’s unique taste. Rooms are fully air-conditioned with 24-hour electricity, private bathroom, dining table and a cable TV. They have single bed and couch or a number of beds with additional mattress depending on the size of occupants and room. The water is clean with hot showers and available bath towels for each guest.   

Resort Suite

The Resort Suite is a 2-person room located at the poolside with 2 units available. Additional guest may be added and can occupy a maximum of 4 person.

  • Single Room
  • 1 Bathroom
  • Dining table, couch and cable TV
  • Exclusive use of outdoor grill, kitchen dining and gazebo
Resort Suite
Resort Suite

Deluxe Family Rooms

Have a taste of a spacious and classy-looking place to relax and enjoy, perfect for families or barkada. This room provides a cozy place for groups. It has 4 beds that can accommodate 8 people.  The room can lodge up to a maximum of 20 people. The charge for additional people after 8pax Is shown below. Mattresses will be provided accordingly.

  • 2 Bedrooms (4 beds)
  • 1 Bathroom (2 toilet, 2 shower)
  • Dining table, couch and cable TV
  • Additional P500/adult, P250/child
Deluxe Room
Deluxe Room
2 of 4 beds in Deluxe Family Room

The Bunk House

An air-conditioned room for guests who prefer to stay for the night but with a limited budget. They have numerous double-decks available for different groups or joiners. This room is perfect for backpackers on a tight budget

Bunk House

Blue House

Feeling like you need a romantic and secluded room where you can spend your time with your partner? Or experience the best view of the resort? Goshen’s got you covered! The Blue House is just perfect to spoil your loved ones and treat yourselves like you own the place.

Here’s to give you an idea what you’ll wake up to when you to stay at the Blue House.

  • 1 Bedroom
  • 1 Bathroom
  • Dining table, couch and cable TV
  • A bar table
  • Terrace with table set and umbrella
  • Exclusive Kitchen and Grilling Station
Blue House
Blue House
Blue House

Presidential Suite

A special guest should be treated like a VIP and with Goshen’s Presidential Suite, the best staycation is yet to come.

Experience living a day or two with their greenhouse-themed suite with all your needs just a few steps away. Prepare and cook your favorite menu with their complete set of kitchen and dining tools – microwave ovens, stoves, plates, wines and glasses. A bar table where you can enjoy a couple of beers or step outside the greenhouse and dine seeing the outside view. Enjoy your staycation inside its 2 master’s bed rooms with a perfect view of the Colosseum.

Emperor’s view from Presidential Suite

1 of the 2 bedrooms in Presidential Suite

And when you feel like doing a quick workout, an access to gym equipment facing the forest will give you the hype and energy to burn those calories.

Other Activities and Amenities

ATV Ride

Goshen Resort proudly offers the ATV adventure, the first in Bamban, Tarlac. An exciting and wild ride through lahar-affected areas of Tarlac-Pampanga. Brace yourselves as this activity is a must try but be ready to get wet and dirty. The ATV ride will rock you from mud to rocks and river crossing. Prepare for a 3-hour ride full of dust and ashes that will leave you with an exhilarating Goshen experience!   



ATVs aerial shot


The resort promotes natural and organic ways of feeding animals. Come and experience an interaction with rabbits, chickens, dove, wild boars, ducks, cows, goats and more animals in their farm. Tour your kids around and let them learn how these creatures move and live with nature.



The Food

The food is almost all natural and organic. Guests may request an egg or chicken from the farm on their table. The friendly staff of Goshen will be more than happy to have this served if available.

Menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner are prepared by Goshen Resort. Check their scrumptious and tempting chicken and pork adobo or “Paksiw na Isdang Tanigue” with cups of rice and cold juice drinks. Happy tummy!

Public Restroom

For day tour and night tour guest, Goshen Resort gives access to the public restroom which totally don’t look like your ordinary comfort room. The place is new and clean and always being attended by its staff.

Common restroom
Common restroom


If getting in touch with nature is your goal, Goshen Resort and Hotel will definitely not disappoint. Situated in the middle of the woodland and fields, Goshen celebrates the beauty of nature being surrounded by trees, lush green grasses and plants with a view of mountains and hills, the perfect way to escape the busy city life.

Things to Know:

Entrance Fee

Entrance Fee for Adult: P250
For 4-11 yrs. old – P200

Overnight Stay – 22 hours (check-in time: 2PM)


Day Swim – 9am to 4pm
Night Swim – 5pm to 10pm

No Corkage Fee

– Goshen Resort allows guest to bring in their food in the resort with no corkage fee. Free use of their cooking tools and grilling stations.


– the parking space is limited at the time but free of use.

Inquiries and Reservations

– contact the resort first in advance to make sure that they can accommodate you. There is a limit on the number of people they can allow access to the swimming pools to avoid congestion.

For room rates inquiry:
TEXT: +63917-576-1768; +63943-228-1608
For bookings and reservations:
Please LEAVE A MESSAGE on ONE OF THESE NUMBERS (+63917-576-1768/ +63943-228-1608) using this format:

Preferred Date:
For other concerns or inquiries, please call: +63915-998-7420/ +63923-298-8739

Friendly Reminder:

Please call or text during office hours from 8am – 5pm.


Goshen Land, Brgy. Lourdes Bamban, Tarlac

How to Get There:

  • Take Five Star Bus bound to Dagupan or Pangasinan drop off point is junction in Capas (landmarks are Mcdonald and Puregold)
  • Ride a jeep heading to Angeles and tell the driver to drop you off in Grotto, Brgy. Lourdes, Bamban
  • Take a tricycle straight to Goshen Resort and Hotel (P60 per ride, one way).


  • There are no tricycle terminal near the resort, manage to negotiate with the driver to pick you up after your stay.
  • The road entering to Goshen Resort is narrow and not yet developed, be attentive of other cars crossing.
  • During night time, there are no light post in the road but they have security guards waiting and will guide you through
  • There is one Sari-Sari store inside the resort and may offer limited items only. Buy your things in advance.


The resort is aware of the things that need to be improved to provide good service to guests. They have plans on making Goshen more accessible by developing a new route to the resort. There will be signages to be put up on the main roads for the directions. Also, they are working on improving cellphone signal and a more systematic booking system.

Goshen Resort has been very accommodating and warm to all inquiries and concerns of their guests and interested customers. The staff has been attentive to guests’ needs and has been an excellent host. Though the resort is on soft opening, they have delivered and displayed exceptional customer service and professionalism.


=====UPDATE AS OF JUNE 25, 2017!=====



Price: P5,000 for the 1st 4 pax
Capacity: 4-6 pax
For every succeeding persons after the 4 pax, additional P500/head for adults, P250/head for children ages 4-11

Family Room
Price: P5,000 for the 1st 4 pax
Capacity: 4-10 pax
For every succeeding persons after the 4 pax, additional P500/head for adults, P250/head for children ages 4-11

Standard Room
Price: P3,000
Capacity: 2-4 pax
For every succeeding persons after the 2 pax, additional P500/head for adults, P250/head for children ages 4-11

Deluxe Family Room
Price: P8,000 for the 1st 8pax
Capacity: 8-20 pax
For every succeeding persons after the 8 pax, additional P500/head for adults, P250/head for children ages 4-11

Presidential Suite
Price: P16,000 for the first 12 pax
Capacity: 12-20 pax
For every succeeding pax after the 12 pax, additional P500/head for adults, P250/head for children ages 4-11

Price: P10,000 for the 1st 4 pax
Capacity: 4-8 pax
For every succeeding pax after the 4 pax, additional P500/head for adults, P250/head for children ages 4-11

(double deck beds)
Price: P8,000 for 16 pax
Capacity: 16-20 pax
For every succeeding pax after the 16 pax, additional P500/head for adults, P250/head for children ages 4-11

(double deck beds)
Price: P5,000
Capacity:10-12 pax
For every succeeding pax after the 10 pax, additional P500/head for adults, P250/head for children ages 4-11

(double deck beds)
Price: P4,000
Capacity: 8 pax
For Ocular Visits: (w/ free snacks and tour guide)
P100/head for adults
P50/head for children 4-11 y/o

For Day tour swimming (9-4pm) P250/head for adults, P200/head for children 4-11 y/o
Night swimming (5-10pm) P250/head for adults, P200/head for children 4-11 y/o
Cabana price: 500php and up, depending on the type of cabana and number of persons.

No reservation needed for day/night swimming. We are on a first come, first served basis.


P1,000 (2/pax with driver)
-short trail (20mins. – 30mins.)
additional P500/head for every succeeding persons after the 2 pax

P3,000 (2/pax with driver)
-medium trail (1hr. – 1hr 30mins.)
additional P500/head for every succeeding persons after the 2 pax

P5,000 (2/pax with driver)
-long trail (3hrs. – hotspring)
additional P1,000/head for every succeeding persons after the 2 pax


Kindly observe the following HOUSE RULES to serve as your guide.

*Check in at 2pm; check out at 12nn the next day
*In case of booking cancellation, 30% of the total amount of bill will serve as a cancellation fee and is non-refundable.
*No smoking
*Hard liquor not allowed; 3-5% alcohol content is allowed with corkage fee (1500/case, 70/bottle)
*Use proper swimming attire
*No cooking inside the room
*Cooking outside the room is allowed with one time corkage fee, Electric stove (P250), LPG/butane operated stove (P150)
*No corkage for cooked foods

Goshen Resort is still on their SOFT OPENING, road and building constructions ongoing.

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    1. Hi Jim,

      Yes, they offer day swim. We suggest you contact them first to make sure they can accommodate you especially during weekends.

    1. Hi Ian,

      As far as we know, they only allow beers. You may contact them just to be sure. Hope this helps!

  1. Hi,

    I’m planning a team building good for 19 people and I would like to ask how much is your rate for an overnight stay. Hope to get a response from you soon. Hope to get an email from you soon. Thanks!

    Tentative Check in Date- July 3 – 4

    1. Hi Angelica,

      Prices are subject to change without prior notice so we suggest you call them directly for the latest rates.

  2. Hello, my family would love to stay at ur resort, can I know how much is the accommodation rate for deluxe room? is it available by july4? thanks

    1. Hi Echieanne,

      For inquiries and reservations, you may contact them thru the numbers indicated above. Thanks!

  3. How about security issues within the area itself? if its in the middle of a woodland then how safe it is? NPA’s other lost command groups and the likes.

    1. Hi Sherwin,

      There’s actually a community nearby so we did not have any security issues going in and out of the resort.

  4. How much will I pay (2 persons, me and my wife) for 1 day stay using RESORT SUITE. This will include foods and use of ATV. Please send to me the estimate cost.

    1. Hi Fernan,

      Unfortunately, we won’t be able to provide you the quotations. For the latest rates, you may call them directly thru the numbers above.

  5. How much are the room rates? they are not included in this page. We plan to stay at your place this coming long weekend June 24-26…We are 4. Me, my wife and 2 children , girl 17 and boy 12. I think your deluxe family room is appropriate for us.

    1. Hi Ferdie,

      Deluxe Family Room is too big for the 4 of you. We suggest you get the Resort Suite room which is good for up to 4 people. For the rates, you may check on the contact numbers indicated in the article. Hope this helps!

    1. Hi Bettina,

      For inquiries and reservations, you may contact them thru the numbers provided in the article.

  6. Hi how much is 3-hour ATV Adventure and when’s the best time for it, morning, afternoon?

    1. Hi Cheng,

      Apologies for the late reply as we need to verify it with Goshen. The 3-hour ATV ride is P5,000 for 2pax with driver. This is the long trail and with hot spring experience at end of the ride. An additional P1,000 per head in excess of 2 pax.

      For other rates on ATV adventures, please call them directly on the numbers provided in the article.

  7. Is it one week or one month reservation before the actual confirmation date?What are the mode of payments, too?

    1. Hi Suzane,

      You may schedule your reservation one month before the actual date. Goshen Resort offers payment thru bank. For other concerns and inquiries, you may connect with Goshen Resort on the numbers provided in the article.

  8. Can we bring our own vehicle in staying at this place? Is there any restaurant that we can order food?
    How much is rate for regular room?
    David HO

    1. Hi David,

      Yes, you may bring your car. There are parking lots in the resort. For food, you may order it from Goshen Resort.

      For room rates, you may check the details in the article.

    1. Hi Araceli,

      Available contact numbers for Goshen Resort are all mobile numbers. You may check the article as reference.

  9. is it safe to bring a car? because you said it was narrow and not yet developed

    1. Hi Christian,

      The road is not that wide at the time so one must give way for incoming vehicles. The last time we went there, Goshen is already working on providing alternate route for cars coming in and out of the resort.

  10. Do we need to check in first at goshen resort and hotel before proceed to dambana ni yahweh for picture taking purposes. Thanks

    1. Hi Jer,

      We suggest that you contact Goshen Resort first to accommodate you. From the last update, guests who prefer to take some pictures in the resorts will need to pay for ocular visit. This includes a free snack and tour guide. Rates are as below:

      P100/head for adults
      P50/head for children 4-11 y/o

  11. Hi WWPh.
    I was just a bit curious about the look of Goshen’s standard room. It wasn’t featured in here.
    Also, do they serve free breakfast for their hotel guests?
    Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Earl,

      We will update the article to include photos of Standard Room. For breakfast, yes it is for free for guest who will stay overnight.

    1. Hi Annie,

      We suggest you make prior arrangement with Goshen before visiting. You can reach them thru the contact numbers provided in the article.

    1. Hi Alejandro,

      You may contact Goshen Resort directly for this kind of event. You may check the contact numbers in our blog.

  12. hello po .. if we will stay overnight? are we still going to pay the fee for the swimming? or is it free already?

    1. Hi Charm,

      Based from our last year experience, we didn’t pay for the overnight fee. You may reach out to Goshen Resort on this when you schedule your visit to meet your expectations.

  13. Good day!

    Inquire lang po if may packages (day or overnight) po kayo for Team Building Activities that is good for 38 persons?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Anabelle,

      You may contact Goshen as well to inform them of your visit. Enjoy and we hope our article helped you on this.

    1. Hi Loise,

      For room rates inquiry, you may text or call on these numbers during office hours from 8am – 5pm:
      +63917-576-1768; +63943-228-1608

    1. Hi Aiza,

      Goshen Resort is open on weekdays and weekends. They have menus that you can order for your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

  14. Hi,
    I would like to inquire for the room, payments. Can you send me details.
    Hope to received feedback from the management.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Lainie,

      Here are the numbers that you can contact to for rooms, payments and other inquiries:

      For room rates inquiry:
      TEXT: +63917-576-1768; +63943-228-1608

      For bookings and reservations:
      Please LEAVE A MESSAGE on ONE OF THESE NUMBERS (+63917-576-1768/ +63943-228-1608) using this format:

      Preferred Date:

      For other concerns or inquiries, please call: +63915-998-7420/ +63923-298-8739

  15. is it possible that for ATV rides there will be no driver included. In short can we drive the ATV vehicles?

    1. Hi Luie,

      During our visit, there were assigned driver for each ATV. Not sure if they allow guest to drive on their own. You may reach out to them directly to confirm.

  16. A resort and hotel with European (mainly Greco-Roman) inspired architecture located in Bamban, Tarlac. Situated in 4-hectare of secluded grounds, the resort is originally developed just for holding events of a Christian evangelical group. Though it was yet to be formally opened it was already made famous thanks to the social media, and the still-unfinished resort was opened to the public in 2017.