Overnight Stay at Nacpan Beach Glamping, El Nido, Palawan

Planning to visit Nacpan in El Nido, Palawan?

You came to the right place and we are pleased to share with you are recent stay at Nacpan Beach Glamping!

How to Get to Nacpan Beach from El Nido Town

Nacpan is approximately 20 kilometers away from El Nido town and about 45 minutes to 1-hour drive.

Going to Nacpan Beach can be booked thru your tour operator who can pick you up and drop you off at your hotel. We did Do-It-Yourself (DIY), the usual way when we travel. From El Nido town, there are passing by tricycles and luckily we met Kuya Jay-R. We hired him for Php500 one-way trip to Nacpan Beach Glamping. The usual rate from El Nido town to Nacpan is Php600, so we saved Php100, a good deal! You can reach him at 0965-2319227.

Inform the driver if you want them to pick you up going back to El Nido but there are also tricycles along Nacpan Beach to transport you anywhere around El Nido.

Nacpan Beach Glamping

We’ve been to El Nido in 2017 but we missed including Nacpan in our itinerary. So this time, we made sure to visit it and stay for a night in this unique spot.

Nacpan Beach Glamping is where we planned to stay once we return to El Nido but since the pandemic hits, the trip was canceled several times. Thankfully, this April 2022 we finally visited it and met our expectations!

We booked thru Agoda with their Deluxe Garden View Room worth Php8,000+ but we recommend if it’s available choose the Beach Front Deluxe Glamping Tent for a more superb view of Nacpan Beach. 

The glamping experience in Nacpan Beach Glamping offers an air-conditioned tent, comfortable beds, balcony, mini-fridge, safe box, locker, free wifi, and many more. 

Roomy Glamping Tent

What we like about their glamping tent is its spacious interior with a complete set of essential stuff like the mini-fridge, beanbags, two double beds, a table, lighting, and many outlets/socket to charge our gadgets and mobile devices. 

Shared Bathroom

The glamping areas were assigned equally to their shared bathroom and since limited guests are being accommodated, you need not worry about waiting for your turn to use the bathroom as other guests might have other plans like doing island hopping or just chilling at the beach.

The bathroom is well maintained and clean. They have complete toiletries and a strong water supply.

Turtle Hatchery 

Turtles lay their eggs in holes they dig on dry land along Nacpan Beach and Nacpan Beach Glamping made an effort to preserve the eggs to avoid them from being sold or traded. The resort became a hatchery where locals can bring the eggs they found in nesting spots. 

They built fences to keep them away from unwanted intruders and passersby and at a 60-day incubation period, the hatchlings will emerge from the sand. The estimated date is also indicated in the hatchery and the resort normally invites the guest when the turtle release is set so they can witness it.

Towering Coconut Trees

The glamping tents look better due to their green vegetation and abundant coconut trees. These plants and trees are of big impact on the entire look of the place. 

Access to Beach

Glamping tents are a stone’s throw away from Nacpan Beach so you can go back and forth anytime you want. 

Beautiful Sunset

Nacpan Beach Glamping is ideal for sunset viewing. You will like its unobstructed seascape during the golden hour perfect for a romantic date with your loved ones.

Access to Restaurant

Breakfast is included in our overnight stay and it is being served at the Sunmai Sunset Restaurant just beside them where we also ordered our lunch and dinner. The food is great with generous serving at a reasonable price but if you want a cheaper alternative, just walk along the shore and check the other resort and restaurants. 

Swimming Pool

The resort has a small swimming pool if you get tired of swimming at the beach. You can access it anytime of the day and even at night with beautiful changing lights.

Friendly Staff

What makes the experience in Nacpan Beach Glamping more memorable is having a friendly staff. From the receptionist to the security guard, all of them are very friendly with big smiles on their faces.

High-end but Worth the Price

Nacpan Beach Glamping may not be suitable for everyone especially the ones with a tight budget. We tried this resort due to its unique ambiance and a better feel of the beach vibe. This dreamy tropical setup is something we will never forget!

Thank you for checking our Nacpan Beach Glamping travel guide. To know more about Nacpan and other things you can do, read it here Nacpan Beach 2022 Travel Guide.

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