Sunken Cemetery of Camiguin Island

One of the most unique tourist spots in Camiguin is the Sunken Cemetery. This famous landmark used to be a graveyard above the sea but was devastated by Mt. Vulcan eruption back in 1871. The remnants of the old cemetery are now found underwater.

Brief History of Sunken Cemetery

The eruption of Mt. Vulcan in the year 1871 has changed Camiguin Island’s landscapes. The damages are massive that most of the areas were flooded. One of which is the public cemetery which was ruined by the eruption. The remnants and tombstones can be found underwater.

The cross was built in 1982 but then collapsed as time passes by. It was later rebuilt which is now the standing cross that made the Sunken Cemetery famous.

Sunken Cemetery is in barrio Bonbon and part of the usual island hopping in Camiguin.

The main activities around is boating, snorkeling and diving. There are locals offering life vest, snorkeling gears and boat rentals. But, the best thing to do here is to watch the beautiful sunset. Given the good weather, you’ll see the superb sunset view with the huge cross above the sea. A very distinctive site to witness.

Around the area, there are souvenir stalls that sell local food products, handicrafts, ref magnets and many others.

When in Camiguin, make sure to visit this place and experience the unique attraction of Sunken Cemetery!

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How To Get There

  • There are regular flight schedules from Manila to CDO or book a flight from Cebu directly to Camiguin.
  • From CDO (Lagundingan Airport) ride a shuttle service going to CDO and drop off at Agora Market Terminal
  • From Agora Market Terminal, take a van bound for Balingoan Terminal. Travel time is about 2 hours
  • From Balingoan port, take a ferry to Benoni Port (Camiguin). Travel time is 1 hour. First trip is 5am and last trip 5pm
  • From Benoni Port, ride a jeep or tricycle going to your chosen hotel or ride habal-habal for your island hopping tour. Sunken cemetery is one of the usual highlights of island hopping tour.
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