Relaxation and Jam-Packed Adventures at The Peak Campsite 

You have probably been to one of the many tourist attractions in Tanay, Rizal. Due to its proximity to the metro, it is not a surprise that many visitors are attracted to the area. A quick drive with a satisfying view of the mountains and scenic landscapes all over the place. 

And now, this will give you another reason to return! 

We are excited to share our recent adventure at The Peak Campsite where relaxation and adventure await!

Watch our video here!

The Peak Campsite Ecotourist Agri Tourism Farm

The Peak Campsite is in Sitio Maysawa, Brgy. Laiban/Cuyambay in Tanay, Rizal. A secluded place to immerse in nature and witness the amazing views of the mountains.

The campsite offers various amenities that will surely make your stay memorable. Enjoy dwelling on one of their Floating Villas and wake up with an amazing sunrise view. The campground that is rested at the foot of the mountain has access to three peaks which you can reach for about 30 minutes of trekking.

And as a visitor, you have the option to have a Day Tour if you plan to hike the peaks only and just pay for a registration fee and tour guide fee. But for a better experience, try having an overnight stay at the campsite and proceed hiking in the morning. You will get the best experience you can ask for!

Here are the things you can do and see when you visit the Peak Campsite.

Enjoy a Relaxing Stay at Floating Villa and Heya

Treat yourself after a tiring work week and stay in this charming Floating Villa. 

Currently, the Peak Campsite has three Floating Villas located on the highest ground surrounded by greens, an amazing view of the entire campground, and a view of the mountains. 

The villas’ design is touched mostly of wood that matches the environment creating that homey ambiance.

Staying in this Floating Villa is rated at P3,850 which includes an overnight stay with a personal bathroom, 1 double bed with blanket, a small balcony, a dining table, and a wood fire heated pool. 

When booked, the entrance fee worth P150 is waived. The standard check-in time is 2 PM and check-out time at 12 NN the following day.

Another accommodation is the Floating Heya. A smaller room is suitable for a couple and smaller groups looking for an affordable stay. They are in the outermost part of the campground with access to the common bathroom. The rate is P1,950 for an overnight stay and comes with a kawa bath, free entrance, and regular check-in and check-out schedules.

The guest may also opt to upgrade their Floating Heya from a kawa bath to a dutch tub heated pool and the new rate would be P3,000. 

Experience Camping

Enjoy the cold weather of Tanay and experience camping and stargazing when you book their tent accommodation. The tent is good for two pax for an overnight stay with access to a wood-fired heated pool and free entrance. The tent package is P1,800.

Guest may also rent a tent with the Peak Campsite that can accommodate two to three adults, the fee is P600 per tent. A smaller tent good for two pax is rated at P400. For guests bringing their tent and looking to camp, there is a P200 fee for tent pitching. In addition, a P250 entrance fee for an overnight stay per guest is required.

For bigger groups, a different accommodation package is available. You may reach the Peak Campsite for more details and rate listing or text/call them at +63 909 167 8593.

Watch the Scenic Sunrise View

One of the best things to do when at the Peak Campsite is to trek and reach the peak to watch the beautiful sunrise view over the mountains. 

As early as 4:30 AM, guests may start trekking from the campground to the peaks of Mt. Pugad, Mt. Phoenix, and Mt. Pantalan and wait for the sunrise. 

Witness the Sea of Clouds

While the forming of the sea of clouds is not guaranteed, having it witnessed in fairly good weather is a blessing. 

The sea of clouds spreading over the peaks of Mt. Pugad, Mt. Phoenix, and Mt. Pantalan are similar sceneries that you can witness from Treasure Mountain and Mt. Kulis (other tourist attractions nearby). The only difference is that the view of the sea of clouds from the peaks of Mt. Pugad is closer as they are the first area that will run through this spectacle. 

Wear the Mulawin Outfit

A fan of Mulawin or not, this unique experience is something you would want to try atop the mountain. 

Level up your game and make your picture-perfect experience captured wearing the Mulawin outfit that includes the wings and headpiece. It can be rented for P100 per guest.

Capture the Best Moment at the Picturesque Frame

When at the peak of Mt. Phoenix, make sure to have your photos taken at the Picturesque Frame. This giant bamboo picture frame is an ideal place to capture your photos with your friends and loved ones having the sunset and sea of clouds as your backdrop.

Experience the Nest

Another great spot to check out is the Nest located at Mt. Pugad. The Nest or “pugad” in Tagalog word has a magnificent 360-degree view of the mountains. This is also the perfect place to wear the Mulawin outfit and showcase your best pose!

Mt. Pugad Marker

That 30-minute trek is no joke thus it is only right to have some proofs that you reached the top. The Mt. Pugad Marker is the suitable spot highlighting the height of the peak at 581 meters above sea level (masl). 

Relive the Titanic Scene at Mt. Pantalan

This is one of the best attractions when in the Peak Campsite that you should not miss. The Titanic replica is made from steel and is the main attraction of Mt. Pantalan. You may choose to go here first being the furthest among the three to have the sunrise and sea of clouds view. 

The descent going back to the campsite may take quicker. It may only take some delays if it rained before or during your trekking. Expect a muddy and slippery trail if that’s the case. Make sure to wear proper trekking attire like wearing sandals, trekking shoes, a comfortable shirt, and the like. 

A tour guide is mandatory to access the three peaks and to ensure your safety during the trekking. The tour guide fee is P500 good for 5 pax and P1,250 if you choose to do it overnight.

After the trekking, hikers, and guests may have their breakfast and recharge at the campsite. 

Al Fresco Dining

We deserved to have a good breakfast after that fulfilling trek. At the Peak Campsite, you get to experience that outdoor dining while enjoying the morning view.

Enjoy the Kawa Bath and Wood Fire Heated Pool

To cap off the exciting stay and adventure, spoil yourselves with a Kawa bath and wood fire heated pool next to your accommodation. This relaxing experience is truly making the best out of your stay and helping you freshen up while reliving the thrilling activities you’ve done throughout the day.

How to Get to the Peak Campsite

Private Vehicle

Search Brgy. Maysawa or Treasure Mountain and it will either direct you from the Antipolo route or Binangonan.

Public Transportation

Option 1 – Cubao to Tanay

  • From Cubao, take a jeepney/van going to Cogeo Gate 2/Cogeo Public Market
  • From Cogeo Gate 2, ride a jeepney going to Brgy. Maysawa and ask the driver to drop you off at Brgy. Maysawa or Treasure Mountain.
  • There is a waiting shed located near the Bureau of Soil & Waste Management or Pico de Pino Restaurant.
  • Start the trek or choose to ride a tricycle going to Nanay Minda’s parking.
  • From Nanay Minda’s parking, you may start the trek hear going to the Peak Campsite or ride a 4×4 to take you there. The 4×4 ride is P150 per head or P750 if solo one way. The ride may take 15 – 20 minutes equivalent to 30 – 45 minutes of trekking. 

Option 2 – Shaw Boulevard to Tanay

  • Ride a jeep going to Tanay then drop off at Tanay Public Market.
  • From Tanay Public Market, ride another jeep going to Cuyambay and get off at Sitio/Brgy. Maysawa.
  • You can also ride a jeep going to Sampaloc and drop off at the intersection where you need to take another jeep going to Cogeo. Get off to Sitio/Brgy. Maysawa.
  • Follow the same steps given in Option 1

Things You Need to Know

  • Going to the Peak Campsite may require a 4×4 vehicle. If none, you may ride the 4×4 being rented at Nanay Minda’s parking. Inform the Peak Campsite in advance to schedule the ride. You may also start trekking from the parking going to the campsite.
  • Trekking Mt. Pugad, Mt. Phoenix, and Mt. Pantalan from the campsite is around 30 – 45 minutes but still depends on your pace.
  • Trekking the mountain is ideal even for beginners.
  • Bring a sweater or jacket. The weather is colder at night.
  • Bringing food and snack are allowed without a corkage fee.
  • You may cook at the campsite. Bring your camping tools.
  • Sea of clouds is not guaranteed.
  • Bring and apply for skin protection.
  • Internet signal is weak at the campsite. They are currently looking to upgrade the network signal.
  • Respect the locals and their culture.
  • Help preserve the mountain by maintaining its cleanliness.
  • Do not pick flowers or damage the plants and trees.
  • Avoid littering and always practice the “Leave No Trace” principle wherever you go.
  • Enjoy and keep safe!
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