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Let’s go wander around the Philippines!

We put up We Wander PH to build a community where we can share our stories and experiences traveling around the Philippines. Our adventures let us discover new places, taste new local food, meet new friends and above all, know more about our country, the Philippines!

For more than six years of visiting different places in our country, backpacking is our style of travel. Each adventure is unique to another, so we make sure that we get the best experience out of it. While traveling, we use only the best gears and stuff that helps us secure our belongings and provide comfort to traveling. Today, we are happy to share with you some of the items we’re using with Decathlon PH! Links are provided if you are interested.

Forclaz Travel Trekking 100 Backpack 60L

The Forclaz Travel Trekking 100 Backpack is designed to give the user peace of mind with their adventures.

Check out some of its unique features.

Safety Design

The backpack is designed to keep your items safe. The suitcase-style opening lets you access your things and store them easily. The backpack is theft-resistant as the zip can be padlocked and prevent access to the main compartment. The backpack comes with a rain cover in case there is a sudden weather change while you are on your adventure.

An additional feature of the backpack is the laptop compartment is perfect when you travel and are tired of using the typical laptop bag.

Comfort, Capacity and Storage

The Forclaz Travel Trekking 100 Backpack is built with adjustable straps in shoulders, lumbar belt, chest, and back straps for people with different preferences and sizes. With its 60-liter capacity, it can hold your stuff for your overnight hike and multiple days’ travel with lots of walks and mobility.

The backpack is well designed with a side pocket for water bottles, a shoe compartment at the bottom, and multiple inside and exterior pockets. What is more interesting with its design, the straps can be connected to other Decathlon accessories if you want to add extra storage.

Modern Stylish Eco-Design

The yarn is dyed when it’s already manufactured reducing the environmental impact. The fabric is made out of the most resistant materials that guarantee its abrasion resistance so whenever you go, your backpack can withstand possible scratches and cuts. And most especially, the nature-like colors are not too vibrant to avoid drawing too much attention.

For smaller build and quick adventures like day hikes and out-of-province trips, settle with Forclaz Travel Trekking 100 Backpack 40L. This backpack features the same quality and comfort that is recommended for lighter activities.

Link to purchase:

Forclaz Travel Trekking 100 Backpack 60L

Forclaz Travel Trekking 100 Backpack 40L

Forclaz Men’s 3in1 Travel Trekking Jacket

This is one of our favorites, proven and tested in trekking and with our recent travel to Baguio.

It is made for all kinds of environments and weather.

Comfort and Warmth

The Forclaz Men’s 3in1 Travel Trekking Jacket provides the comfort and warmth you need in the cold weather atop the mountains. Its inner layer fleece gives additional protection and is detachable so you can flex the exterior jacket or just the inner fleece at your convenience.

Durability and Resistance

The travel trekking jacket is made of fabric with a 2000mm rated coating and taped seams. This can protect you from sudden rainfall and water splashes.

We used this jacket in Mt. Kulis, Mt. Daraitan, and in Baguio and withstand even the heavy rainfall in Mt. Daraitan and provided the needed warmth in the chilly weather around Benguet.

Its reinforced shoulders can endure backpack rubbing so you don’t need to worry when you are carrying your backpack.

Trendy Design

The travel trekking jacket comes in blue and red colors perfect for your travel and adventures. It has a hoody and multiple pockets to safeguard your belongings. You can use it anywhere even at your office, at the mall, or whenever you go.

Now, let’s talk about the tent.

Since we prefer to have overnight during our hikes, we need to have a reliable tent to withstand rainstorms and chilly weather. In the mountains, it is common cold especially at night and at dawn so we need to ensure that we have the best tent to provide shelter and warmth.

Link to purchase:

Forclaz Men’s 3in1 Travel Trekking Jacket

Forclaz Trekking 3 Seasons Freestanding 2P Dome – Tent Trek 100

Capacity and Ease of Transport

The Forclaz Trekking 3 Seasons Freestanding 2P Dome has a height of 105cm with 1 entrance, 1 porch, and 2 pockets. It is designed for 2 persons but can accommodate up to 3 persons. Its total weight is 2.6kg and is compact and compressible.

Easy to Assemble and Dismantle

The tent can be assembled and dismantled quickly. Its pre-assembled design and flysheet make it a user-friendly product even for beginners.

The tent poles can easily be attached to their sleeves and the pegs are thick and solid to avoid bent and can easily plant on the ground.

Resistance and Durability

This tent is designed to withstand 60km/h wind and materials that are waterproof. The flysheet is around 2000mm and the groundsheet is at 5000mm.

The door entrance has a mosquito net and two-way zip and 1 air vent. Its additional feature is that the fabric lets daylight pass through.

It would be more advantageous to have an additional side mosquito net to allow more air ventilation but overall, this is a good buy!

Link to purchase:

Forclaz Trekking 3 Seasons Freestanding 2P Dome – Tent Trek 100

Travel Trekking Camera Bag

This is a must-have!

The Travel Trekking Camera Bag is perfect for travel and typical errands. We love this as you can store a small camera, mobile phone, mobile gimbal and other important stuff we used for catching photos and videos.

Ease of Use & Multiple Compartments

This bag is easy to use with a detachable shoulder strap and trouser and bag belt attachment system. It has two mesh side pockets, 1 zip pocket inside, and a large semi-rigid pocket with a removable partition to let you distribute your items freely.


This bag weighs just 264g but is capable of storing several items inside so it’s a powerful and essential item for people with constant movement to do their activities.

Link to purchase:

Travel Trekking Camera Bag

Forclaz Travel Trekking 3-Set Storage Covers

These accessory storage bags keep your important items organized and safe.

It has storage spaces ideal to safe-keep your stuff during your travels and adventures.

Ease of Use, Lightweight & Multiple Compartment

Each accessory has a wide opening with zippers that lets you open and close effortlessly. The design is combined with and net top so you will be able to see the items inside even without opening it entirely.

The weight is around 60g – 80g with a central zipped compartment. It is very useful most especially if you are someone who loves to get things organized.

These are just some of the many useful stuff you can find in Decathlon that is perfect for all your adventures. Make sure to drop by their nearest store in your area and grab the one that suits your sports!

Link to purchase:

Forclaz Travel Trekking 3-Set Storage Covers

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