Treasure Mountain Under the New Normal

It’s 2021! It feels like a decade and we are still struggling and battling the Covid-19 virus. While the vaccines are on its way, it could take longer before the whole population achieves the so-called herd immunity.

The quarantine restrictions relaxed a bit and even the NCR Plus bubble can now travel outside. If you don’t feel like going too far, Tanay, Rizal is waving at you!

In this newest travel guide, let’s bring you to Treasure Mountain!

The New Normal at Treasure Mountain

This is our third time in Treasure Mountain and it does not feel like it would be our last.

In this new normal, having a reservation prior to your visit is a must to guarantee your slot especially when planning an overnight stay. They are still accepting walk-in guests as long as the maximum capacity is not yet met.

Wearing of facemask is strictly being implemented and minimum social distancing is observed.

Here are the important things to keep in mind.

Day Tour & Overnight

Treasure Mountain will only entertain day tour guests from 5am until 7am and you are allowed to stay until 3pm. Day tour package rate is Php350 per head. This includes the day tour entrance fee of Php180 and breakfast worth Php170.

The choices of breakfast are the following:

  1. Tapsilog
  2. Tosilog
  3. Bangsilog
  4. Hotsilog
  5. Longsilog
  6. Tuyosilog

There are other menus on-site should you wish to order for coffee, bottled water, snacks and other food.

Overnight check-in time is from 4pm until 8pm only and scheduled checkout is by 1pm the following day. Overnight stay is strictly for reservation only so make sure to call or drop them a message thru their FB page.

Pitching of own tent is no longer allowed in Treasure Mountain. There is a tent rental packages for guests so you need not worry. They ensure the tent to be used is of quality; stable and can withstand changing weather condition like strong winds and rain.

Noise Regulation

As a sign of respect to others, avoid unnecessary and disturbing noise like loud conversation, music, shouting and the like. Bluetooth and speakers are not allowed inside.  We all love outdoors so let’s have the nature take its course.

Alcoholic Liquors Not Allowed

Bringing of any alcoholic beverages is not allowed to ensure the safety of guests and prevent any disruptive acts.

You may check their in-house restaurant that sells alcoholic liquors but only allowed to drink in the alfresco dining area of the restaurant. Strictly no drinking in the campsite.

Smoking on Designated Areas

Smoking is allowed but only on designated areas. This covers all type of smoking such as e-cigarette and vape.

Bringing of Outside Food

Guests are allowed to bring outside food and non-alcoholic liquors but will need to pay a Php200 corkage fee.

Disposal of Garbages

There are designated trash bins and bags around the area for proper disposal of leftovers and garbages. Guests are encouraged to bring their own trash and leave no trace in the area.

Personal Belongings

Be mindful of your own belongings. Ensure to keep safe your personal belongings and know that the management is not liable for any loss and damage.

Power Source

Treasure Mountain is reliant on using generators and solar panels to power their lights, outlets and other basic necessity. Generator is limited from 5am-8am and 5pm-10pm. Bring your own powerbank to ensure that your mobile and gadgets remain at work.

Pathways and Trails

There are designated pathways and trails to prevent accidents and provide convenience to guests. Make sure to follow them to avoid any incidents, injuries and harm.

Preserve Nature

Always do your part. Do not pick flowers and plants or make any damages to your surroundings. The whole place is maintained by employees to give us the best view while staying. It is our responsibility to act with respect and care not only to nature but also to other people including workers and guests.

No Vandalism

You are responsible of your own action. Vandalism is punishable by law and Treasure Mountain ban the bringing of pentel pen, spray paints and others alike. This is to ensure that vandalism on rock formations; trees, tents, walls and other establishments will be avoided.

Bringing of Pets

It is allowed to bring your fur babies in Treasure Mountain but only for day tour guests. Keep in mind below items for compliance.

  • Guest should be fully responsible of their pet.
  • Bring your pet’s vaccine card.
  • Always put your pet on leash or carry them especially when there are other guests and pets.
  • Bring your own poop bag.
  • Aggressive, in heat, or ill pets are not allowed.
  • The management reserves the right to refuse entry of pets that they think presents any risks to other guests and pets.

Note: Some information above is originated from Treasure Mountain and was rephrased for the purpose of this travel guide only.

What to Do in Treasure Mountain

Catch the Sea of Clouds & Sunrise

Sea of clouds is not guaranteed and is dependent on the weather condition. It usually appears from 5am until 8am so make sure to arrive early to get the higher chance of witnessing one.

Sunrise on the other hand is best when the sky is clear and the weather is good at most. Estimate your travel time to get the glimpse of the beautiful sunrise over the mountain ranges of Sierra Madre.

Breakfast and Chill

Looking to spice up your breakfast routine? Drive your way to Treasure Mountain and enjoy your favorite Silog and hot coffee! Whether you are a fan of tapsilog or hotsilog, they got you covered plus the amazing view for free!

High Ropes Courses & ATV

Guests who love to do more exciting activities can try the spider web and the high rope courses. There are different levels that will test your endurance, balance and fights your fear of heights.

You can ride the ATV if you want to wander around the trails and explore deeper around the vicinity.


There is also a pool for those who feel like going for a swim. Summer or not, everyone loves to indulge in water especially with a scenic view of the mountain.

Rock Formation

Planning to change your profile photo? This beautiful spot in Treasure Mountain is a must. Taking a photo of these stunning natural rock formations is somehow mandatory when you visit the place. Well, it is not always that you see scenic background like this, so grab the chance and strike a pose like a model!

Relax and Unwind

And for most of us looking for a place to disconnect from the city noise and have a breather, Treasure Mountain will definitely satisfy your crave.

Immerse and be one with nature and enjoy the fresh breeze, picturesque mountain ranges and the sunlight.

How To Get to Treasure Mountain

Private Transportation
Use Waze and search for Treasure Mountain. It will either direct you from Antipolo route or Binangonan.

Public Transportation

  • Ride a jeep going to Tanay then drop off at Tanay Public Market.
  • From Tanay Public Market, ride another jeep going to Cuyambay and get off at Sitio Maysawa.
  • You can also ride a jeep going to Sampaloc and drop off at the intersection where you need to take another jeep going to Cogeo. Get off to Sitio Maysawa.
  • You may also hire a tricycle from Sampaloc to Treasure Mountain.
  • Make sure to check the trip schedules during this new quarantine period and curfew hours.
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