Garin Farm 2019 DIY Travel Guide

When we say heaven, instantly we could picture a place with green land, clouds and white surroundings. The ambience would be peaceful and quiet. Somehow, there is a place 50 kilometers away from Iloilo City that could match this depiction.

Garin Farm is a popular pilgrimage site and tourist spot in Iloilo which is a good place to relax and reflect.

How To Get To Garin Farm from Iloilo City

  • From Iloilo City, ride a van to San Joaquin from Molo terminal. Fare is around Php100 and travel time on average is 1.5 – 2 hours.
  • Another option is to ride a jeepney from Super (a marketplace in Iloilo City) to San Joaquin. Fare is Php70.
  • Ask the driver to drop you off at the road going to Garin Farm.
  • Ride a tricycle to Garin Farm. Fare is Php10/head or Php50 special. Travel time is only around 5 minutes.

Garin Farm

Garin is a farm primarily dedicated in agriculture to produce food and crops and at the same time serves as a pilgrimage site and resort. It is suitable for all visitors looking for a place to relax and get closer to God and nature.

The actual pilgrimage site you see in pictures is 30 – 45 minutes away from the entrance gate. First, you would need to pass through the farm with ceiling covered in some sort of vines or trailing plants. Expect the stinky odor coming from the animal’s manure but it is actually manageable. What can you expect from a farm? Lol!

After the foul-smelling walk, you will reach the resort’s restaurant. They serve breakfast, lunch and snacks. It is also a good place to rest before and after your ascend to the pilgrimage site.

Outside the resto, dove is a plain sight

Garin Farm Pilgrimage

The pilgrimage site’s “A Journey from Creation to Ascension” is somehow a bit of a challenge. Before you reach the top to where the heavenly place is located, you would need to climb the stairs for about 20 minutes. At the forefront, you’ll see the Noah’s Arc replica though somehow modernistic. Along the way upward, you will pass through statues depicting biblical events until you get to the main attraction of the site.

Realities, Eternal and World

The site is designed to picture our journey from passing through the Dark Tunnel which represents our earthly life and realities. The second part is the glimpse of eternal or the heavenly scenario. Finally, the world where we are now.

The heavenly-like images of angel statues and the big cross are divine. Not to mention the whole place is painted in white, after the walk through the dark tunnel, expect your eyes to get a little overwhelm by bright and warm surroundings.

There is no perfect word to describe it but heaven. And it feels light when you’re there standing in and walking the these magnificent work of art.

Going to this place is a combination of journey and realization. It is a perfect place for a quick meditation and looking back to what we have, what we are and realize how blessed are we to experience life and his blessings. We recommend you and everyone to visit this place and witness and experience it yourselves. The place is not just beautiful but rejuvenating.

Things To Consider

  • Entrance fee in Garin Farm is Php150/head. It includes the pilgrimage site visit and farm tour.
  • Wear comfortable and light clothes.
  • Bring umbrella or wear cap and apply sunscreen to protect you from heat of the sun.
  • Bring water with you to keep you hydrated.
  • Expect long walks and climbing stairs.
  • You can ride the golf cart up to the cross for Php90. From the cross back to restaurant is Php60 and another Php60 going to the gate.
  • There are room accommodations for guest who want to stay overnight.
  • Other activities inside Garin are animal feeding, swimming in the pool, zipline, horseback riding, boating and kayaking.

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