Canyoneering and Kawasan Falls Travel Guide

Adrenaline rush. This could be the best description of canyoneering in Badian, Cebu. This water activity should be on your bucket list when visiting the “Queen City of the South.” The thrilling slides and cliff jumping feats along the trail to Kawasan Falls are one of the most exciting adventures waiting for you.


Canyoneering and Kawasan Falls can be experienced separately, but since you are already here, it’s good to try them both. The whole quest can be completed at least 4 hours and may take 30 minutes of trek from the jump off point before the official event. All tourists are required to attend the short orientation before the activity to have knowledge on the do’s and don’ts and proper etiquettes in canyoneering.


Tourist may bring their action camera, mobile phone, waterproof bag and other important stuff during the activity. Life vest, protective head gear/helmet and aqua shoes are being provided in the tour.

We lost track of the exact number of jump we need to outdo but it could be 6 – 7 with 2 highlights near Kawasan Falls with 40ft and 50ft heights. You should try them all and exceed yourself. YOLO! But be careful of course.

When it’s your turn to jump, don’t take too long thinking, just do it. The more you think about the jump, the more it will get into your mind weakening your knees. There are many tourist who’ve experienced this and backed out.

In our surprised, there is a rest stop in the middle of the canyoneering activity where tourist can rest and have a quick snack. There are barbeque, hotdogs and drinks.

Tourists are adding up in numbers trying to get the best out of their break. And when you’re ready, another jump is just waiting in front. This one is a little narrow, so your jump should be calculated precisely.

The true test of courage is the second to the highest jump with about 40ft height. It has a cemented platform and enough space to gain your momentum.

The canyoneering involves not just jumping but also river crossing, tarzan swing, slides and swimming. It is exhausting and physically challenging, so one should be prepared for all the exciting activities. One thing is certain; you’ll have fun in the whole adventure!

The highest jump you need to pass through is 50ft. One last jump then you may enjoy the turquoise water of Kawasan Falls. Of course you have an option to skip it too.

Finally, a rewarding finale, the gatorade blue-like water of Kawasan Falls. The exhilarating canyoneering with multiple jump and slides has come to an end. All of those breathtaking stunts are worth it. Kawasan Falls is really one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Philippines. Foreigners and locals can testify to that!

How To Get To Badian/Kawasan

  • From Cebu South Bus Terminal, ride a bus going to Santander. Ask the driver to drop you off in Badian. 
  • Fare is around Php120 – Php150 with approximately 3 hours travel time.
  • Common landmark is Matutina Beach Resort, which is in front of the church. 
  • If you avail your canyoneering tour thru agency, your service van/vehicle will arrange everything for you, hassle-free. We get our 3D2N Cebu City + South Cebu Tours from Dream Tour Cebu

Canyoneering Package Inclusions

Aqua Shoes Guide Fee
Entrance Fee
Ride to Jump off (motorcycle)
Bottled Water
Buffet or Boodle Fight Lunch

You can also check our travel guide to Osmeña Peak if you want to experience hiking. The trek is perfect for beginners and a perfect sidetrip in your Southern Cebu tour. Be there before sunrise or sunset to witness its stunning beauty.

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