Stella Mariz Resort – The 50-Peso Haven

Where can you find a peaceful and relaxing place worth 50 pesos?

Enjoy the beach and take shelter under the towering Agoho trees of Stella Mariz Beach Resort in Bagac, Bataan. The place is just 3 – 4 hours away from Manila and perfect for your weekend getaway. Entrance fee is only Php50 for day tour or P100 overnight.

The Place

The charm of this place is that you can spend a day in quietness and just relax. You can pitch your tent and cook your food for free. And if you have a hammock with you, certainly the place is perfect for you.  The sand is not as white as the other beaches but it is clean and revitalizing. There are tables and cottages for rent and even boats to take you to the nearest island  – Looc Beach and Playa La Caleta.

At night, make sure to bring a flashlight or any lighting to keep you guided as the place is really dark. Keep your garbages  elevated to avoid being scattered by dogs or goats.


Buy your food in advance as there are no stores inside the resort. You can buy your stuff in Bagac market before heading to Stella Mariz.

What To Do

You can choose to stay in Stella Mariz and camp or if you want an extra adventure, hire a boat to visit Looc Beach, Sugong Cave and Playa La Caleta.

How to Get There

  • Ride a Genesis Bus in Cubao terminal to Balanga, Bataan (drop-off point: Bataan Terminal )
  • From Bataan Terminal, ride a jeep to Bagac Market
  • Ride a tricycle to Stella Mariz

Tips and Reminder

  • Bring your own food. There are no food stalls inside the resort. You can buy food in Bagac market
  • Pitching of tent is free. Bring your own tent.
  • Bring flashlights, fans, powerbanks and cooking set
  • Practice LNT principle (Leave No Trace). Manage your trash and keep the place clean.


  • Entrance fee at Stella Mariz – P50/head (P100 for overnight)
  • Bus to Bataan (one way) – P210
  • Jeep to Bagac – P47
  • Tricycle to Stella Mariz – P35

Total Transpo (2-way) – 292 x 2 = P584

Total Expxenses: P584 + P50 = P634/person (food not included)

Other Option:

  • Table for rent is P200
  • Boat rental is P1,500 – P2,000 going to Looc Beach, Sugong Cave and Playa La Caleta
  • Entrance fees are being collected
  • Available cottages for rent


Stella Mariz Beach Resort is a nice and quiet place to stay and enjoy your weekend. Though not yet developed, the resort can accommodate groups and walk-in guests. The resort may lack in terms of rooms and access to stores. They are probably addressing these because we saw some constructions being built in the area.

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    1. Hi Abi,

      Entrance fee for day tour is Php50 and Php100 for overnight stay. Note that this rate is based from December 2016 during our last visit.

    1. Hi Jeralyn,

      WE Wander PH does not offer any travel and tour package but if you’re asking if Stella Mariz Resort is open on May 20? Yes, they are open daily. Thank you.

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